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Create the site for search engines
Writing content for websites

Creating websites for search engines (SEO)

In the section Creating Websites for Search Engines, we are developing and configuring your website for search engines where we receive in the e-marketing company the website and the SEO team initially works to define the tasks of the programming team on the site in order to implement these tasks, which makes the site more easier, easier and suitable for search engines
.Then comes the identification of keywords and work to select them accurately and employ them on the site in a way that helps the site appear in the search engines
.We define the period of first page access and competition for the first result within a specific period of time depending on the difficulty of the word
.At Alameer Media Solutions and Marketing, we are committed to obtaining targeted visitors through search engines, and we write content relevant to the visitor as well as to search engines, especially Google


 :Development steps

Studying your business case

Developing plans and strategies

Add all options

Setting the time period for completion

Monitor and analyze results and adjust plans according to the results



:The benefits you will gain from your cooperation with us

Increasing audience loyalty to your brand

Forming user confidence in the brand, product, and company that we work to achieve through interaction within the social network


Increasing the marketing value of your brand

Support the establishment of the company's image and branding using multimedia capabilities in social networks


Get leads

Build a base of potential clients and work to convert them into real customers




Get real customer feedback about your products in order to enhance and improve these products