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  • Perform on 2021-01-29

Al-Amir Media is one of the leading companies in designing advanced applications and programs that meet the needs of businesses and customers around the world. Among the pioneering applications that the company designed and programmed is the taxi booking application that was designed for Zone, a company that specializes in managing private transportation and public transportation.

The application allows customers to book taxis easily and easily, through an easy-to-use user interface. The company works to provide an efficient and easy booking experience for customers, while providing important information about prices, time, and departure and arrival locations.

The company uses advanced technology and modern design to design the application, which helps improve public transport services and provide an easy and efficient experience for customers. The application helps improve fleet management by locating vehicles and determining the best ways to reach customers' destinations.

The company was able to improve the quality of public transport services by identifying areas that need improvement and working on developing them. The company can use the application to analyze customer behavior, identify the most popular paths, and provide the services they need.

The use of the application contributes to improving the public transport experience in general and helps to provide convenience and ease for customers.

In addition, the taxi booking application designed by Al-Amir Media Company provides the ability to pay trips securely and conveniently via mobile phone. The company works to provide customer service around the clock to respond to any inquiries or problems that customers face when using the application.

Al-Amir Media updates the application periodically to improve its performance and provide a better customer experience. The company uses modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to improve the quality of services provided through the application.

Given the success achieved by Al-Amir Media Company in designing and programming the taxi booking application for the benefit of Zone Company, it reflects the company's ability to meet business needs in an effective and innovative manner. Al-Amir Media is one of the leading companies in the field of designing applications and software in the world, and works to provide advanced technology solutions to companies all over the world to improve their performance and increase their profitability.

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