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  • Perform on 2020-06-20
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Businesses at the present time are characterized by rapid development and transformation into the digital field, which prompted companies to pay attention to providing faster and easier services to their customers, and improving their experience when shopping online. Among the most prominent companies that succeeded in meeting these needs is Al-Amir Media Company, which designed and programmed a grocery application for food products for Al-Afandi Market Company.

Designed by Al-Amir Media, the grocery app aims to provide customers with an easy and quick way to shop, including the ability to shop online and home delivery. Other features of the app include easy search and navigation options, viewing prices and available products, and a secure online payment feature.

In addition, the application provides the feature of customizing orders according to the specific requirements of customers, allowing them to specify the required quantity and quality of products. This feature gives Al-Afandi Market an opportunity to expand its scope of work and communicate with a larger number of customers throughout the Kingdom.

Al-Amir Media is considered one of the leading companies in the field of designing and programming applications and software in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is characterized by its extensive experience and advanced technical skills. The company works to provide innovative and advanced technical solutions to various companies in all industries and sectors, and the company relies on a team of professional and qualified engineers and programmers to meet customer requirements and provide innovative and high-quality solutions.

In addition to the grocery application that the company designed for Al-Afandi Market Company, Al-Amir Media has designed and programmed many applications and software for many companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Some of the previous businesses that Al-Amir Media has successfully designed and programmed include smartphone applications and business technology solutions, including logistics and transportation applications, e-commerce applications and digital marketing.

Al-Amir Media continues to develop its services and provide innovative solutions to companies operating in all industries, with a focus on providing great shopping experiences for customers and improving business operations for companies. It can be said that the company is one of the leading companies in the field of information technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and deserves praise for its efforts and contribution in transforming business into the digital field.

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