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about us

Al-Ameer Media for software solutions and E-Marketing is a international company specialized in E-Marketing, graphic design, video, website programming, mobile applications and Digital services. We strive to achieve the best results in all the fields that we offer and at the highest level through a professional and specialized team that works on combining its efforts, experiences and talents to harness it in providing the best services and achieving the goals and objectives of customers, as we provide our services to all countries of the world at reasonable prices that suit everyone


Founding of Al-Ameer Media

Alameer Media was established in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, in 2017, and established distinguished relationships with customers, which created a factor of confidence in dealing with customers in many countries all arround the world


Agents Al-Ameer Media

As a result of the trust that we have built with customers, especially in the Arabian Gulf countries, we have contracted with an exclusive agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and thanks to God, the relationships has expanded until we reached  Europe and we have contracted with an agent in London inside the United Kingdom

Our Message

This company was established on the basis of pure creativity based on the most important rules and scientific and practical experiences because we aspire to excellence and advance in all aspects of our services in order to provide the best services to our customers and embody our achievements on the ground, to be a flag of e-marketing and software worldwide. Leadership is our goal Excellence and creativity are our goal

What Sets Us Apart

Combining a highly efficient scientific and practical vision with an innovative creative touch

Working with the latest technological tools and technologies that we constantly update to keep pace with everything new

Satisfying customers and achieving their goals and continuous communication with them

Continuous follow-up after providing services

Providing free consultations to our old clients

24/7 technical support

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